• LI.com

    LI was looking for best in class Boston web Design, NXFX Studios delivered.

    We had the pleasure to work with this Cambridge, MA based startup for almost 16 Months, and let us tell you, this high energy diversified team is going places. Together with their highly motivated team we created an amazing CMS and CRM system. .

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    Cambridge  for LI.com
  • SEOPro

    The most downloaded and highest rated SEO app out there. Years of Organic Search Experience bundlded into a small app that started as a Case Study in our NXFX Labs..

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    Boston  for SEOPro
  • VideoIQ

    An industry leader in intelligent video surveillance, VideoIQ relied on NXFX Studios from the beginning, to develop a powerful toolset that would ensure their company's Internet success.

    ... and another happy boston web design customer!.

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      for VideoIQ
  • Currensee

    When Currensee searched for a Boston web marketing company that could bring their Forex social network to a global market, they knew they could rely on NXFX Studios to deliver! .

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    Boston  for Currensee
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The World Wide Web has yet to reach its full potential as a marketing, promotional and commerce Platform. NXFX Studios, a boston web design studio, leads the way in developing this enormous potential by transforming the static web into a dynamic, engaging, enlightening (or informative) and customer-driven destination for Boston Companies.

The web is capable of much more than banner ads and unsophisticated sites. Boston's NXFX Studios combines full-motion active content, interactive applications, deep ananlytics, on page metrics, full-screen video, highly converting eCommerce sites and imaginative web 2.0 applications to create an exciting entertainment experience for your visitors that is beyond the ordinary. We redefine what is boston web design

The future is online... NXFX Studios is designing that future. Right there in Boston
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