The importance of email timing - by Benjamin Spiegel

Posted: December 20th, 2010 by Benjamin Spiegel

Following up on last months article regarding the importance of Newsletters i decided to write another article describing my latest findings. (Keep in mind  i am not a writer, so i may get off track here ;) )

Today there are many  tracking system, analytics and all other kinds of cool toys out there, but most people forget the basics of a good email delivery -> TIMING!
And what i mean by this is: When you send out a batch of emails, they are getting delivered over a period of time, depending on the length of your email list it can take many hours. And many people just do not think enough about that!

Based on experience, here are some scenarios, lets say the delivery of my entire list takes 4 hours:
NOTE: This target group here is professionals with Internet access at the work place, of course if you business is in something different, this does not apply to you, but based on my experience i have a lot of data, so just ask ;)

Delivery Time Reason
Early Morning Delivery (3 AM)
Open Rate: VERY LOW
People get to their work place, or check their email in the morning before work, their inbox is filled with Spam, Updates, Automated emails etc, the chance of them opening and engaging into your email is very low!
Morning Delivery (9 AM)
Open Rate: Low
People finished sorting trough the spam and automated emails, and getting ready to start their work day as your email arrives, in most cases they have too much on their todo list, upcomming meetings, follow ups etc to really engage into your email, they may not delete it, but in will move down in the inbox below the fold rather quickly!
Noon Delivery (1 PM)
Open Rate: Low
Most people are either on lunch or just returning from lunch, when people return from lunch they have already some work emails in their inbox, and are less likely to enjoy yours, people who are leaving for lunch, you know how that goes.. ;)
Afternoon Delivery (4-5 PM)
Open Rate: Good
This is one of the top times for Newsletters and Customer Mailings, the reader is about to leave for work, is doing some browsing, and mostly already checked out of work, its also the perfect time for gift shopping etc!
Night Delivery (7+ PM)
Open Rate: Risky
This one is open to debate on a lot of conferences and has very opposite views, for some business night mailings are best, for other they produce almost no returns. It is risky but for the right business a gold mine, some of my clients had higest conversions at the late night hours.

The second item many people disregard is the send order, my client XYZ recently hired me to improve the performance of their email campaigns, their basic logic was
Select from all my customers that want to get email and send.
This client started his emails at 4 PM, and got some medium returns, his problem was that the delivery of his email list (150.000) took about 5 hours, so when his system started his campaign, it just blindly selected members in the order that the entries where created in the list (most system do that), the problem here is that the oldest members got them email at the best time 4-5 PM, while the newest members got the email between 9 and 10 PM.
When looking at the analytics for this we can see that most of the email traffic was created between 4 and 5 PM.
So for the next day, we changed the list order to something like this:
Select all from my customers and then sort it by last logged-in or visited date , and see what happened

We archived an improvement of 50% since then i has been a steady improvement of %10 percent every day! So this has gotten a bit longer then i thought but bottom line is:

  1. Make sure you send it out at the correct time of day (depending on your target audience)
  2. Make sure you email first the active users / customers so they get it in the right time
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The Difference between Rank 4 and 3 - by Benjamin Spiegel

Posted: November 10th, 2010 by Benjamin Spiegel

I have made an interesting discovery yesterday, we where ranked on the Keyword “Boston Web design” at position #4 in google for a really long time

On November 9th the Rank improved from #4 to #3, on average we get around 2-3 Leads per day resulting from Traffic to that specific keyword, on November 9th our lead number from that keyword improved from 2-3 to 9 leads, today we have received so far 12 Inquiries regarding boston web design.

This is a very strong indicator on the importance in even small rank changes, minimal position changes make a huge impact on the results and traffic you will receive.

These Results made me have a deeper look in conversion rates based on Keyword positioning; another strong keyword for us was “Boston seo”, we been fluctuating a lot in positions on this keyword positions, mostly between rank 8 to 16. Upon further Analysis using some of your custom developed in house tools, i discovered that we had the highest click rate when we where on position 10 rather then position 9, it seems that when users where vieweing the results, they are more likely to click on the result when it is #1 on the second page vs when it is the last result on the first page! So even here you can see that dropping a position can have a positive impact on your positioning.

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