Mobile SEO Strategy Part 1 - by Benjamin Spiegel

Posted: September 20th, 2011 by Benjamin Spiegel

During the past months the mobile search landscape has changed dramatically, google has retracted and clarified his own comments and statements on multiple occasions. During my daily business dealings with Agency’s and Brand’s I have noticed that even many of the top agency’s out there approaching mobile from the wrong perspective and basing their decisions on faulty facts.

During this 7 Part Series i will try to clarify the current state of things as well as the process and up to date guidelines on the mobile SEO process. These articles will be split into 7 Parts:

  1. What is Mobile SEO
  2. Tools & Research
  3. The Future
  4. Measurements
  5. Actionable Items
  6. Future Proofing
  7. Ongoing Activates

1. What is mobile SEO?

Okay before we start diving into the tech stuff and tools, I think we need to clarify a few things.. Through this article we will make 2 assumptions:

    1. Our goal search engine is Google (I will add Bing info in a later chapter)
    2. We are planning on working with a Smartphone site (Not a WAP/WML etc site)

The first faulty assumption everybody is making is that when Google says mobile site they are talking about a smartphone site, THIS IS WRONG!

Google makes it VERY clear that a smartphone sites is not considered a mobile site and there will NEVER be displayed in the search engine results pages.

This is a very important factor when basing research or actionable items on Google’s statements or guidelines. Now that this is clear, let’s talk about KPIs. How do we measure success? It can surely not be measured like a regular site, there is no SERP, and there is no keyword based conversions. So wat actually happens, as of today Google seems to be delivering the same Search Engine Results page to Desktop users. Even the results URLs are not mobile URLs they are the Desktop URLS. What does that mean for the internet marketer? Basically those normal optimization techniques such as link building, Meta tag optimization and the usual “Tricks” do not really apply. So again how do we measure mobile SEO success? Due to changes and upgrades in Google’s toolkit we are now able to due specific filtering based on smartphone metrics and usage. In tomorrow’s part 2 we will highlight some of the techniques and a sample mobile SEO Cycle.

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