Mobile SEO Strategy Part 2 – The Tools - by Benjamin Spiegel

Posted: September 21st, 2011 by Benjamin Spiegel

Mobile SEO Part 2 – The Tools & Research

Continuing on from Part 1 – What is mobile SEO we are looking today at the tools and ways to do your keyword insights and some initial ways to measure success and also establish a baseline / KPIs. If you have missed Part1 I would sugest you read this first, in case you decide not too, you should be aware that we are talking about smartphone SEO not mobile SEO, there is a dramatic difference as we will explain throughout this series .

1. Search Volume and keyword suggestions

The first step in any SEO campaign kickoff is the keyword research, thanks to google’s latest updates we have now a variety of ways to obtain the Smartphone (again smartphone != mobile) search volume. My favorite tool of choice is still the google adWords keyword research tool. Google recently added data for mobile volume / competition etc. They separate it into 4 separate groups:

  1. Desktop and laptop Devices
  2. All Mobile Devices
  3. Mobile WAP Devices
  4.  Mobile devices with Full Internet Browsers

This allows you and your team to evaluate the overall volume as well obtain suggestions for similar keywords / phrases. However I would still remain careful with the Total searches google estimates for some of their suggestions as they seem rather high ;)
Adwords Mobile Filtering for Mobile SEO

2. Keyword Suggestions and Trends

Unfortunately google trends has not yet updated its filtering functions to include mobile trends, I am sure they will add this functionality at some point, but again as of now, there is no option to filter for mobile trends yet! We will go further into strategy in a later chapter…
But for no a quick approach we follow is to get last years data from google trends, see what are the upcoming initiatives or seasonal items
Google Trends YoY
We would then take these keywords and run them against the mobile search volume within google adowrds mobile and extract longtail keywords from that as well. For additional longtail optimization I would suggest then running those keywords trough autosuggest on google mobile and other mobile search engines and devices.

3. Establishing a baseline

So where do we start in terms of measurements?  We would suggest 2 base KPIs for any mobile SEO camp:

  1. Measure user engagement for mobile Clients (Bounce, Time on site etc)
  2. Search Engine Results page Clicktorugh rate

The first one is fairly easy since analytics comes by default with a mobile user segment which allows us to run some simple reports against all mobile users.
Analytics Mobile Metrics
For the SERP CTR we are thankfull again to a recent update in Google’s webmaster tool that now allows us to display the CTR on the results pages for smartphone SERps. From there we can establish which results where displayed on mobile devices and what our Click Trough rate was, then we can modify Meta Descriptions and Title tags to fit better into the mobile shelf!
Webmaster Tools Mobile Filter


So what now?

As already promised in Part 1 of this mobile SEO Tutorial we will get into actionable items in a later chapter, but next on my list is one of the more existing parts of this: The future of Mobile SEO!
So for now go ahead, look at where you currently are in terms of metrics and goals, see if you keyword strategy aligns with your visitors and goals. And in the next Chapter we will start to actually get our hands dirty!

But if you are in a rush and need help getting your site ready, free to fill out our Free SEO Quote

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So i have been browsing around, and all the sudden i came across a piece of code, using that cookie code, you are able to see a new version of google, its some kind of redesign or draft. Nothing fancy, nothing special, but check it out anyway, one feature defiantly like is the visible sidebar and options.

How to: When you paste the following into the address bar of your browser when on and hit return, you should find yourself as new participant of Google’s latest and more all-encompassing prototype test – the one with a new logo, buttons, and always-visible left-hand pane in results. Please note I needed to sign out first for this to work.

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