The Difference between Rank 4 and 3 - by Benjamin Spiegel

Posted: November 10th, 2010 by Benjamin Spiegel

I have made an interesting discovery yesterday, we where ranked on the Keyword “Boston Web design” at position #4 in google for a really long time

On November 9th the Rank improved from #4 to #3, on average we get around 2-3 Leads per day resulting from Traffic to that specific keyword, on November 9th our lead number from that keyword improved from 2-3 to 9 leads, today we have received so far 12 Inquiries regarding boston web design.

This is a very strong indicator on the importance in even small rank changes, minimal position changes make a huge impact on the results and traffic you will receive.

These Results made me have a deeper look in conversion rates based on Keyword positioning; another strong keyword for us was “Boston seo”, we been fluctuating a lot in positions on this keyword positions, mostly between rank 8 to 16. Upon further Analysis using some of your custom developed in house tools, i discovered that we had the highest click rate when we where on position 10 rather then position 9, it seems that when users where vieweing the results, they are more likely to click on the result when it is #1 on the second page vs when it is the last result on the first page! So even here you can see that dropping a position can have a positive impact on your positioning.

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