Google+ in Adsense! Affiliate Program next? - by Benjamin Spiegel

Posted: March 13th, 2012 by Benjamin Spiegel

So today I logged into one of my AdSense accounts, and what did i see?
Google+ in AdSense
So I am a big fan of Google+ and prefer it 1.2 Million times over Facebook, but all my friends are still on Facebook… So I have to be too!
Either way while I am happy about Google+ being promoted, I am unsure how Google+ is relevant to my AdSense account or performance. And even when you click “Get Code Snippet” you still not getting anything special or tracked…
Adsense and Google+
So Google, while I am happy you pushing Google+, please stay out of my AdSense unless you start paying me for sending traffic to Google+

Hmm that brings up an interesting thought, why not? I think goggle should have an affiliate program that pays for each phone verified user you generate, I think something small like 1-4 $ would be awesome, I could see this really taking of and generating the user base we need!
Or what about getting paid for ad impressions on my own Google+ page?

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