Creative Customer Support - by Benjamin Spiegel

Posted: December 2nd, 2011 by Benjamin Spiegel

This is not going to be one of our informative Blog Posts, not even useful, just really interesting.
While I was doing some extremely exciting work yesterday, I noticed one of my favorite client’s IM status:
It was the status of our friend David Karp from Currensee. Basically his status (away) message was a snippet of tracking code we implemented a while back to track all the exiting members that are joining currensee’s forex social network for investors ( <- Way over the top SEO link ;) )

Shortly after that I messaged him to let him know that if there is a problem we are more then happy to help solve it ;)
Unfortunately I did not receive a response. However a few hours later I noticed:
Which I think was just awesome, with the massive growth that currensee is seeing I am sure david has a large number of IM contacts seeing this status message ;)  I again IM’d him to tell him it is funny and I should mention it in our blog. So this morning I had my morning 20oz Redull and looked at my buddy list:

So like I said before this article is neither informative nor helpful in any aspects of SEO or Brand Marketing. It however is mainly intended to be challenge to Dave to see what he will come up with next and also as a sign to show you guys, there are many forms of brand support.

Please feel free to check out Currensee and have a look at their blog as well.

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