What we did

  • IPhone Development
  • Layout Design


With over 50 activ SEO clients we needed an easyt tool to measure our brands success on the go. So we developed our own in-house toolset. Now we decide to share some of theese tools with you, one of them is SEO Pro. It is the perfect tool to monitor your SEO and Marketing efforts. You can Monitor unlimited urls and keep track of a variety of ranking factors such as Google PR, Alexa, Yahoo, digg and many many more. Go check it out at the appstore, and for the careful minded users we also offering a Lite version that is fre of charge and supported by displaying iAds

How we did it

  • iPhone SDK
  • MySql
  • Photoshop
  • PHP

About SEOPro

SEO is an inhouse Search Engine Optimization Product that grew in the NXFX Labs and matured into its own platform.
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