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Celebrity Spouses.net provides - for the first time ever in Internet history - an invitation-only exclusive online community designed for those in a relationship with a celebrity. Founder and CEO Amy Brimicombe, formerly of the Pro Sports Wives Association and Magazine, has recognized the unique needs of partners of entertainment industry people, and has created this online social and informational haven for those who are often just a step outside of the glare of the spotlight.

Industry-driven public and media attention often creates a vacuum for those closest to nationally-celebrated individuals. Whether at the early stages of such a relationship, accustomed to, or at retirement age, celebrity spouses cope with a multitude of unusual demands, rewards, dilemmas, and challenges.

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About Spouses

Long hours of work & seemingly endless travel fill the working lives of many entertainers and their families. Their relationships defined in large part by professional considerations. Because of the success of their husbands or wives, these celebrity spouses are not only married to their partners, but "married to the industry" as well. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry has never provided these spouses with any kind of reliable support network. Many spouses lack the prior knowledge and skills necessary to manage these necessities. CelebritySpouses believes the spouses need assistance.
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