What we did

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KickApps came to us in their early startup days and we supported them from the very beginning with everything from generating a good company name, creating a solid logo concept, and helping them all the way through to their first website design. NXFX also assisted our client with creating HTML, CSS templates, building flash video player APIs, and much more.

We take pride in seeing how far our clients have come. Today KickApps is a leader in the world of social media web applications. A business can use KickApps to power audience growth and create user engagement on its website. KickApps also allows you to build your own community with social networking, photo and video sharing, custom video players, and enables you to create your own widgets. They have over 80 different flash widgets that were custom coded by NXFX ranging from video players, to slideshows and voting tools.

Being in touch with and understanding our clients needs is what drives NXFX to help our clients succeed. Our working relationship with KickApps is a perfect example of how when our client is happy and successful, we are happy in return

How we did it

  • CSS
  • Flash
  • Flex
  • MySql

About KickApps

New York
New York
Founded in 2005, KickApps has become a leading provider of digital solutions enabling the creation and management of next generation video-based Web experiences. KickApps offers a suite of self-serve deployable social solutions that utilizes a drag-and-drop Web-based toolset. The applications range from fully realized social website experiences to simple social widgets for commenting and ratings, mood polling, and video playback, all of which are tightly integrated with robust media moderation, member management, and reporting. The platform also includes KickApps WidgeADs ad format, comprised of socially enabled updated ad units that can be served in any IAB-standard ad slot, shareable by users across the social Web.
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