What we did

  • Web Development
  • Flash Design
  • Layout Design
  • Product Design


Reserachgate came to NXFX Studios to create a truly unique product. Research gate was looking for a way to have scientist from all other the world collaborate in real time. They needed a Virtual Conference Room, something that is scalable to hundreds of simultaneous users, allow users to create their own real time discussions, view each other on webcam, share and in a group edit documents. This was truely one of the biggest challenges we ever faced. Within just a few months we launched this platform with great help from Researchgate's team in Germany and Boston.

How we did it

  • Flash
  • Flex
  • MySql
  • PHP

About Researchgate

Engage and interact with fellow researchers
ResearchGate's platform allows scientist to network with the largest global science community to learn more about current research, what other scientist are currently working and allows scientist worldwide to share their research result. Its Facebook for Sciene!
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