iPhone Game and Application Developement

Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have revolutionized the mobile computing industry. Your iOS development projects can be just as revolutionary!

iOS applications are not the same as desktop applications, and you need a Boston iPhone/iPad app development company that understands and embraces these differences. From the touch screen interface to limited memory size, NXFX Studios utilizes the unique development attributes of the iOS and uses them to their greatest advantage.

As a professional, Boston iPhone/iPad app development company, NXFX offers a variety of specialized services to meet custom the development needs of our clients. Our developers have:

  • Professional expertise in the usage of the iPhone/iPad SDK;
  • An expert understanding of the iPhone/iPad platform's inner architecture;
  • A wide breadth of mobile app development and Mac OS experience;
  • Expert-level experience developing user-friendly interfaces;
  • Unsurpassed knowledge in the design of custom applications, using cutting-edge 2D and 3D graphics; and
  • Advanced knowledge of the unique iPhone/iPad features, such as: multi-touch interface, limited storage, accelerometer and proximity sensor

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we respect the privacy of all of our clients. NXFX Studios is a Boston iPhone/iPad application development company that understands how valuable even the smallest idea can be when developing an application concept. Our goal is to develop a mutually rewarding relationship, based on trust. As such we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements prior to the discussion of your ideas.

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