Mobile Search Engine Optimization

NXFX's mobile Search Engine Optimization for existing sites is split into 3 primary phases:

1. Technical Analysis
NXFX Internet Marketing will perform a deep dive Technical Analysis of your web property utilizing a variety of industry proven and custom developed mobile SEO tools to analyze your mobile site or mobile version. NXFX Boston SEO will evaluate your mobile Sites crawl ability, URL structure and server response codes (301,302 etc). Based on the findings, NXFX Boston SEO will generate a report outlining the primary steps needed to improve your mobile sites organic Search Ranking.

2. Content Analysis
We will start with a preliminary keyword study based on your Brands overall Goals and upcoming initiates. The resulting Keyword Vision Report will be used to create a POV comparison between your web site and the offerings of your competitors. Based on this data we will then optimize the Strength and Weaknesses of your current copy and may suggest the implementation of content changes such stronger keyword placement, increased key phrase density and meta/alt tag optimization.

3. Link Analysis
NXFX will analyze all your current inbound and outgoing links, we will advise on link optimizations such as link placement and anchor text. Based on your Strategic partnerships and upcoming initiates we will devise a link plan, which will include modifications to current links and optimization of upcoming link opportunities.


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