Viral marketing

The evolving frontier of digital marketing in a Web 2.0 world is a daunting place. Trust the online experts at NXFX to lead your company to increased traffic, leads and revenues through this new and exciting world.

While the term "Web 2.0" remains nebulous, it's come to define a widely recognized collection of online ideals and practices, including:

Socialization. Engage your marketing in the new online spaces of today - MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Friendster, LiveJournal and many, many others. Find your customers where they're gathering.
Having a Plan. Step back and think strategically about where your online marketing is headed. Tap expert creativity to launch fresh ideas.
Participation. Join conversations, start a blog, get your brand out there. "Guerilla marketing" isn't going to replace the established success of traditional venues, but it can help.
Standing Out. Be unique. Do something different. Redesign your logo, your site, your products. Find new ways of looking at your company and what you offer.
Watching & Learning. Observe your peers, your competitors, everyone around you. Watch what works - and what doesn't.

Learn how to leverage these new places and tools to your advantage; contact us today to speak with a Web 2.0 expert.

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